The History Today Companion to British History Front Cover
  • CO AUTHORS: Juliet Gardiner and Neil Wenborn
  • PUBLISHER: Collins & Brown
  • ISBN: 1855851784 / 9781855851788 / 1855852616 / 9781855852617
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‘55 B.C.-1068 A.D.’ in The History Today Companion to British History

When I was at school I didn’t just hate history, I actively resented having to learn it.
Since then a growing awareness of my own imperfection, not to say the fragility of human life, has tempered the arrogance of youth! Now I can’t get enough of it.
This compact encyclopedia of British history (from Roman times onwards) manages to be both concise and informative. A good number of the references are biographical, and many others cover those half-familiar terms which we only half understand.
For example:
Triennial Act; Dissenting; National Debt; Labour Representation Committee; Temperance; Evangelical; Parliamentary Privilege; Co-operative Movement; Singapore; Suez Canal.
Some may say that you can find all this on the internet anyway nowadays. That’s partly true – but I doubt you can find it in such a pithy and yet such a scholarly fashion.
All cross-referenced entries are marked in small capitals, making this in addition a fascinating browsing book in which you can get lost for hours – and emerge more than a little wiser.
Finally, it’s good to have a book which gives appropriate place, in an unbiased way, to the aspects of Christianity which (like it or not) have left such an imprint in the development of British society.

Fantastic for anyone studying British History of any era. Concise segments that are clear, and tell you everything you need to know, and for an amazing price! Perfect for anyone looking for extra reading around the subject, or who are generally just interested in British history. Perfect.
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