Anglo Norman Durham 1093 1193 Front Cover
  • CO AUTHORS: David Rollason, Margaret Harvey and Michael Prestwich
  • PUBLISHER: Boydell & Brewer
  • ISBN: 0851156541 / 9780851156545
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Anglo-Norman Durham, 1093-1193

‘The Forged Charters of William the Conqueror and Bishop William of Saint-Calais’

An excellent companion to Symeon of Durham by one of the same editors, David Rollason. The book contains thirty essays by distinguished scholars in four sections: The Monks and the Priory; Church Architecture; The Prince Bishops, and Scholarship and Manuscripts. The date in the title (1093-1193) is slightly misleading as three of the essays range from 1066 to 1214. A very good book.
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For those interested in the history of Durham this is a must, my history minded son in law loved it.
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